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About Us

Marcan Pharmaceuticals Inc. started in 2005 as International Pharmaceuticals Generics Ltd to bring high quality yet affordable medicines into the Canadian market Today, it sells over 60 drug products in Canada.

In 2015 Marcan was acquired by Emcure Pharmaceuticals.
Emcure’s acquisition is expected to grow Marcan’s product profile and help ensure continued growth. Marcan also benefits from the operational excellence (both procesess & infrastructure) of Emcure. Atul Aggarwal (CEO) and Nav Aggarwal (CFO) have been involved with Marcan since inception and continue to lead it to new heights.

Through a fully integrated supply chain and comprehensive regulatory and marketing organization, we ensure a steady supply of generics in Canada.
Our sales and marketing team is committed to providing quality sales service and customized pharmacy programs. With the new products being added to our portfolio, we can truly help you grow your generic pharmaceutical business in Canada. Our products are available through McKesson, Kohl & Frisch and other wholesalers.

Mission and Value
Our mission is to be the leader in supplying quality and cost-effective generic pharmaceuticals in Canada.

We work closely with organizations engaged in generics related research and development (R&D) as well as decision-makers at grassroots like pharmacy chains to sell quality generics in Canada.

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