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Supporting Healthcare Professionals & Their Patients

As your healthcare partner we are determined to deliver the best treatment for your health.

We are striving for most affordable and best quality medications. Marcan also offers various Patient Support Programs for making healthcare more approachable.

For enrollment, please speak with your healthcare provider. You can also reach out to our team at
or call 1-855-627-2261

What is Marcan PSP?

Marcan PSP is designed to educate healthcare professionals and their patients on specific pharmacological therapies (MAR-DIMETHYL FUMARATE, MAR-FINGOLIMOD and MAR-TERIFLUNOMIDE ) . This content is intended for Canadian healthcare professionals only. Log in to access the following resources:

  • Reimbursement Support Services explaining coverage and benefits

  • Answering questions regarding program services, Advocating on behalf of the patient

  • Co-pay assistance, Financial Assistance*  - Restrictions may apply


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